Everyone knows where the Strand theater is in Dover, but many think that it's closed.  Not only is it not closed, but it's 100th birthday is coming up and you're all invited!

I met with Dan, Mr. Strand today to check out the new renovations to the old theater and so far, he's done a great job with the place.  Dan has big dreams for this old theater and the birthday celebration is just the beginning.


The Strand, according to Mr. Strand, was originally built in 1919 for the golden age of silent films.  The very film seen at the Strand was a silent film, "Daddy Long Legs."  On their birthday celebration, September 22nd, they are going to show the film once again the way you would have seen the film in 1919 - complete with piano player, Jeff Rapsis.  Jeff specializes in creating live music for silent film presentations around the country.

Lots is planned for their birthday celebration.  Dan has a juggler, a comedian, two vaudeville acts, a history of the Strand and so much more!

For tickets to this great show - just click here!

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