This is my FAVORITE day of spring...Opening Day for Major League Baseball. As a Red Sox fan, there is so much to be excited about. Former Sox infielder, Alex Cora is the new skipper...J.D. Martinez offers that big bat in the middle of the order we missed so much last season...and baseball gods willing, David Price will have a bounce-back season, and coupled with Chris Sale, our starting pitching will be stronger than ever.

What doesn't excite me is how expensive it is to be a Boston fan. Someone looked at the cost of being a die-hard fan. Meaning, if you went to every single home game, paid for parking, food, drinks, and one hat and custom baseball much it would cost.

And I'm sad to say the Boston Red Sox came in as the second most expensive MLB team to root for. According to it costs $12,712 to be a die-hard Red Sox fan! The Sox fall in between The Cubs ($15,723) and the Yankees ($12,547).

Here's the breakdown for all 30 MLB teams.


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