According to WMUR, there was no winner on Saturday for the Powerball yet again.  That means, Wednesday's drawing could be close to 1 BILLION dollars.  Okay, more like 750 million, but when you're talking that kind of cash, who can really notice?  I love to dream about actually winning the lottery and buying my dream house, paying off all of my family's debt and spoiling them rotten, but then, I'd still have mad money left.

So, just for fun, I figured out how many of certain things you could buy with that kind of money, assuming you'd take the cash option and pay taxes, so I used a figure of 400,000,000.

With 400 million dollars, you could buy:

You couldn't buy the Boston Red Sox or the New England Patriots though.  You wouldn't be Bob Kraft rich, but you would have almost a million riding lawn mowers and what's better than that.

Will I try again on Wednesday?  You bet I will!  I have people to spoil!


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