Fair season is upon us and Granite Staters everywhere will be walking down the Midway with dog bowls full of golden starchy goodness. There are many great choices of toppings to load up your fries with, just take a look at these passionate suggestions.

French fries.


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By far the most popular additive to Fair fries according to our social media survey. Vinegar was mentioned in just over 50% of all responses.


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But depending on the fair depends on the food.' - Ron
Out of the dozens of suggestions we received, Ron, our resident chef in the comment boxes, prefers mayonnaise. I'm certainly going to ask if that's an option for the next dog bowl I get.


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Though surprisingly not as popular as vinegar (!?) this classic condiment seems to taste better as the size of the squirt bottle increases. Could this phenomenon be happening because the ketchup has a better chance to age like a fine wine?


Poutine Canadian meal with fries, curd cheese, beer and gravy

Thank you Facebook friend Nancy for this suggestion!

Believe it or not, decades before the poutine craze, gravy had always been an option at some select fry booths.

A buddy of mine was convinced to try it from the owner/operator of a place way back in the '90s, and has only had it that way since.

The Trinity

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Malt vinegar, top sprinkle of salt, dip in ketchup.- Alison

Usually there is no 'Correct Answer' when it comes to matters of taste, but, I'm sorry, Alison nails it with this trio of perfection.

Malt vinegar, salt and ketchup used in moderation is EXACTLY how I have my fair fries and (despite trying mayo in the near future) that is how they are best seasoned.

One last bit of advice?

Whatever you do, don't drop any of them!

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