It was a warm Saturday at The Raitt Homestead Farm Museum when 'Recchi' stole not only an entire kiddie pool, but our hearts as well.

Train Images
Train Images

'Recchi' -pronounced Wrecky- 

He is named after the NHL right winger who won a Stanley Cup with The Boston Bruins in 2011!  This seven year old English Bulldog had a great time at Hops & Hounds and seemed pretty much uninterested with the idea of swimming the entire visit.


Once he found this freshly filled, yet, very shallow kiddie pool, he plunked himself down and was not about to move an inch for ANYONE.

His owners were amazed at how content he was and only left his newfound paradise after treats were used as bribery.

'Recchi' was just one of the hundreds of great dogs that came out to visit us at Hops And Hounds 2018, the ultimate event for dog lovers of all ages. We look forward to next year being EVEN bigger and better!

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