Have you seen this? The Driver is UNHURT!


The State Police Association of Massachusetts posted never before seen footage (and shared with media) from a major crash Saturday in Weston, Massachusetts.


It was around noon this past Saturday when troopers responded to a report of a semi that plunged off a bridge into the Charles River. I mean, he didn't just plunge or slide off, he hurled himself into that river! There are a couple of crazy parts about this crash.

  1. The driver was unhurt
  2. The driver didn't know how to swim
  3. People got their mail late

Okay, if he didn't go to church before this accident, you can bet he made a few promises in the cab of that semi! The crash happened near the ramp from RT 95 North to the Pike in Weston, which they had to close for most of Saturday as first responders worked all day to clean it all up.

What did the driver do? He stood on his truck waiting for help. He wasn't about to swim to the shore...because as we covered, he couldn't swim. The Weston Fire Dept and others went to help with the rescue and get the driver (by divers) to an area hospital for evaluation.

Yes, the tractor-trailer was carrying  U.S. mail, and they had to retrieve as many packages as possible because the truck broke in half coming out of the river. They are still investigating what caused the accident. But consider this a cautionary tale. Sure you might not drive a tractor-trailer to work, but you might go over a bridge...

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