According to our State Epidemiologist, Dr. Benjamin Chan, wearing a face mask can help to slow the spread of Covid-19. I'm here to quickly advise you on what I feel are the two different masks that 'cover' for any public location.

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Informal Face Covering

This snazzy piece of PPE was given to me by Big Al, a heritage super Shark fan and I am truly grateful.

I use this whenever there are light chores to do in a family environment and whenever I go to the laundromat (these sporty numbers can be washed and worn) so the laundry is a perfect locale to wash one while I wear one.

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Formal Mask

A friend of my family bought a box of these and wow are they light and easy breezy to wear! Every two weeks when I go grocery shopping, I put one of these on because, while not an N95, I feel they assure the food purchasing public that their safety is of my utmost concern.

Keep in mind that you should wear a disposable mask no more than twice if you absolutely have to AND wearing one protects the public from you a great deal more than it protects you from the public.