Mookie Betts did it! It didn't take the Red Sox All Star more than a few minutes to swipe a base off Clayton Kershaw last night. Now I'm here to tell you Seacoast Granite Staters how to get THREE free tacos in under 90 minutes.


This taco journey was completed in the summer of 2017 and a lot of it takes place on Route One. I'm assuming that traffic will be much easier to deal with on November 1st during the window of 2pm and 6pm.

Train Images

2:16 P.M. -  306 Lafayette Road, Seabrook, NH

Here's Josh proudly displaying his first Doritos Locos Taco on this journey, with an original Nacho Cheese shell.

Photo Credit Josh Sazin

2:57 P.M. - 2319 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth, NH

Here I am patiently waiting two seconds before devouring my second taco in less than 45 minutes.

Photo Credit Josh Sazin

3:34 P.M. -  9 Commercial Drive, Somersworth, NH

A total of six delicious tacos in less than one hour and 18 minutes! A little over 1000 total calories consumed and 35 miles driven made for a fun afternoon!

You don't have to follow this route exactly and I encourage you to please be safe and obey the speed limit, but I gotta think this can easily be done quicker than Josh and I did. No summer traffic!