Sharp eyes and a sharp mind greatly contributed to the identification of a victim who was struck and killed on I-93 last week. This fascinating story on WMUR-TV could easily be an episode of CSI and it happened right here in NH.

Matthew Cheney of Penacook was hunting with his son, walking through the power lines that run alongside the Route 3 / I-93 corridor on Saturday when he saw an abandoned van in the woods.

Noticing that there were no tracks of any kind around the vehicle, a full day after a snowstorm, he called the Bow Police Department. Cheney, who was aware of the case of the unidentified victim, had wondered if that case and the abandoned van were connected since they were both in the same vicinity.

They were!

The authorities were able to match the name on the van's registration, to an incomplete name that was on a piece of paper that the victim held.

The victim was identified as Glen Vienneau of Tilton, NH.

Without the awareness of a local hunter, who knows how long this mystery would have gone unsolved?

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