Good news! I'm not going crazy.

But for a minute I sure thought I was. I'm out walking the dog at night, and notice a string of lights in the sky. They are so close and perfectly-spaced that I thought they were on some sort of crane. They didn't appear to be moving. But then they were moving! I lost it. I had no clue what the heck I was witnessing, and I did NOT HAVE MY PHONE WITH ME! Here's a perfect example of what I saw though.

So of course I've heard of the Starlink satellites, but I've never seen them, and this string of lights seemed so close! I was convinced that it was some sort of alien invasion...or something.  I thought,

I have got to get to my phone!

But the dog was in the process of sniffing every blade of grass, leaf, and rock on earth and was not moving fast enough. It's hard to be mad at this face, but I was in a hurry!


I ran into the house like a crazy person and said,


By the time I got back outside, it was just 3, 2...1, and *poof* gone. They all looked at me like, 'What?' And I'm babbling about how there was a string of lights perfectly spaced apart and close and moving, and it was cool, and...and...

That's when Jen says,

That's just the Starlink satellite.

Wait, what? No big deal? I put it on Facebook and damn near everyone says they've seen it. There's even an app to track where it is. Meanwhile, I'm packing a bag and trying to find a cave! Good news, it's not aliens. It's just the Starlink satellite that I have finally seen... like everybody else.

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