With apologies to my many relatives and friends who have birthdays this month, this month stinks!

black snow

The above picture of a snow bank was taken in March a few years back, but it still represents what March means to me.

Snow that has over stayed it's welcome is turning black from a season of sand and salt.

And now we are waiting for a storm to dump a foot and a half of snow after the temperature gods teased us with spring like weather for the past 3 weeks.

There is no other region that throws the weather into reverse like New England. Yes, I know the mid-Atlantic states (Virginia, Maryland..etc) will see snow out of this storm, but I bet all remnants will be gone by next week.

Not so here. We'll be looking at these piles of black snow and driving through pot-holes that will cost us hundreds of dollars for another month at least.

Which brings us into April, which is no walk in the park waether-wise.

Does anyone remember Spring?

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