As a kid, I remember reading the Archie comics and loved them.  I had no idea that the character's creator lived right here in Meredith, NH.

According to a story from WMUR, a statue of Archie was unveiled in Meredith yesterday.  You can sit right next to Archie and take a picture with him!  The bench faces the studio where Archie's creator, Bob Montana, had his artist studio.

The WMUR story says that the comic was created in the 1940's, but the stories had a timelessness to them that made them relate-able to people of all ages and generations.  Archie was just a kid trying to navigate through life.  If you were like me, you probably related to one of the characters.  I was not a Betty and I wasn't exactly a Veronica either.  Come to think of it, I think I related most to Jughead.

Bob Montana created a whole lot more than just the cartoon character.  He worked to protect Meredith's beautiful waterfront and he built the local arts community.



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