OH!  The Holiday season is a magical time, isn't it?!  The Magical Gift Giver brought back one of our favorite places in Portland.  3 Dollar Dewey's is coming back!

Commercial Street in Portland is lined with fabulous restaurants.  Some expensive, some reasonable, but none like 3 Dollar Dewey's.  When it closed this past July, many people were heartbroken.  It was an early craft beer pub and made a name for itself by having an unprecedented for the time, 36 taps, according to a story in the Portland Press Herald.  

The story in the herald also shows a picture of the note left on the door of Dewey's when it closed back in July.  The last line states, "Family traditions have a way of continuing forward....."  Maybe the closing in July was just temporary, but they couldn't let the general public know until it some other deal was done?  One can only speculate.

I am hopeful that when 3 Dollar Dewey's opens once again, the popcorn will still be free.


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