This information has been out there for a while, but I just saw it and found it interesting.

According to an article in, there is a possible relationship between the type of blood you have and how susceptible you are to contract coronavirus.  The report says people with Type A blood appeared to be at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19 compared to those people with Type O who were found to be more resistant of the virus.

The reason why is unclear at this time.  There is a hypothesis, but I can barely even spell that word, so it's just easier to say that they don't know why yet.

Because of all this research that we are doing on the virus, we are gaining new information about our health and well-being.  Another good thing that has come out of this pandemic.  I have always thought that knowledge is power, so this is good news.

Apparently, your blood type can affect the risk of several other health problems, according to  For instance, if you have type A, B or AB, you are 6.2% more likely to develop coronary heart disease than with people who have Type O.  People who have Type AB, the least common blood type, are 82% more likely to develop memory problems compared to other blood types.  Type AB blood types are also 21% more likely to develop stomach cancer than other blood types.

I actually don't know my blood type.  I suppose I should, but according to the information here, I think I'd hope for Type O!

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