After 14 seasons as their kicker, New England has unceremoniously waived Stephen Gostkowski. I'm here to defend his remarkable career as a Patriot.

Gostkowski Kickoff Out of Bounds
Getty Images/Mike Ehrmann

6 Super Bowl Appearances and 3 Super Bowl Championships.

For whatever reason, he has always been maligned by the majority of Pats fans as inferior to the Great Adam Vinatieri.

He has just as many Patriots Superbowl rings as Adam and really, that's the only stat that matters with me.

In fact, if you watched the highlights of Super Bowl LIII, you'll see Brady plead LOUDLY at Bill Belichick to kick the 40 yard field goal and ice the game, which Gostkowski admirably did, and the rest is history.

The visual of Vinatieri acing not one, but two, Super Bowl winning kicks followed seconds later by a shower of confetti, just cannot be replaced in some people's minds.

But for me, Gostkowski, with his 1,743 points (All Time team leader) and a Super Bowl Ring total that matches his jersey number (3), will always be his equal.

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