It may sound like a 'Creature Double Feature' horror movie but there is an element of truth to it and Forest Ranger Train is here to explain!

Facebook VIA Keene NH Police Department
Facebook VIA Keene NH Police Department

According to the following WMUR-TV story, North Lincoln Street in Keene was SHUT DOWN Tuesday into Wednesday from 7pm-7am to help several amphibians survive the crossroad migration into breeding pools.

Spotted Salamanders, Toads, Grey Tree Frogs and Spring Peepers are all on the move!

This migration is a mainly nocturnal phenomenon so I'm directing this message to those early morning commuters like myself.

On soggy mornings, if you happen to see any of these creatures making their way across the back roads and you can safely avoid crushing them, please be kind and do so!

The food chain is always a delicate balance and these guys all consume mosquitoes and mosquito larvae so, tap your brakes for a great cause!

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