I was saddened to learn through her Twitter account @AllyNBCBoston, that NBC Boston's investigative reporter Ally Donnelly, was let go yesterday due to budget cuts.

It's funny, I was never much of a TV News watcher until I was forced to do so back in the Summer of 2014. My local cable company at the time, slowly went completely digital and my ancient cathode ray TV began losing all it's channels until I was left with just NECN, which was, and still is, Channel 2.

It was then that I realized how professional and well produced her reports were and I remember yelling 'Go Get Em Ally!' on a couple of occasions. I also can recall that she was one of the few reporters there to really go 100% with the late Pete Frates 'Ice Bucket Challenge'.

I sincerely hope that sooner that later I'll once again see her chasing after some local scoundrel with a microphone on one of the many TV news teams here in New England.

And when I do I shall belt out 'GO GET EM ALLY!' , louder than ever before.

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