While taking one of my favorite scenic walks on the Seacoast yesterday, I discovered that the answer is YES. And it was a most unpleasant lesson.

Train Images
Train Images

Yesterday, I encountered 'a private contractor' who was, for lack of a better phrase, "a workin' on the railroad" and he yelled at me for what seemed like 'all the live long day'.

Aside from questioning my sanity and lack of intelligence, he loudly informed me that I was trespassing on private property and that once he called the cops, I would be fined.

For those of you that may be wondering of there is another side to this story, I present to you the entire transcript of my side of the conversation with the contractor.



'Out exercising.'


'Yea, I saw the DOT on your truck I always wondered...'


'Ok, I won't take up anymore of your time'


- Aaron Lapierre - Trespasser

Sure enough, a quick check of the googler and I found that he was correct.

Railroad tracks are private property, not public trails. It’s illegal to walk on the tracks unless you’re at a designated crossing.

It’s extremely dangerous to walk, run, or drive down the railroad tracks or even alongside them. - Amtrak

Also you can be fined up to $2000 dollars in some states.

I have emailed the owner of the 70 mile track that runs from Dover to Ossipee to see if I can continue to clean litter alongside the track and will update with another post if I get a reply.

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