This bouquet is a byproduct of behavior that simply did not exist just a few short weeks ago. Allow me to explain.

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Since we are all supposed to stay at home, YET, keep exercising, I have become a bit obsessed with getting my daily steps by walking in uninhabited areas.

Train Images

This is the old overgrown area that once framed the prior WOKQ broadcast facility. The building is long gone but some flower beds still remain. You can probably just barely see the daffodils that are being choked out by bittersweet and long forgotten rhododendrons.

After jaunting past these jonquils for the better part of two weeks, I finally decided to bring their cheerful and sunny disposition inside the Merchant's Auto Shark Tank. They are perennials after all and I can do the exact same thing next year.

I swear I would have never noticed them, or cared to notice them, because in 18 years I've walked by them hundreds of times. But now, things are just different, I think I prefer the term 'daffy' which means silly and mildly eccentric. It seems to fit quite well.