Another week in New Hampshire and Granite Staters have had it up to here, literally, with snow and ice and every conceivable form of frozen precipitation. Yet, the Drought Map still shows NOTHING.

Drought Of Order

There it is in black and white. Or perhaps, I should say tan and yellow.

Released every Thursday morning with statistics taken through 7AM on Tuesday morning.

At 4:30AM on that same Tuesday morning, I removed at least two inches of snow off my car and shoveled through a good sized speed bump at the end of my driveway to begin my commute to work.

The Friday prior? I drove The Shark Van to Lost Valley Ski Resort in Maine and the visibility on the roads was absolutely terrible from 10AM to 12 Noon and then the same horrible visibility the entire way back from 1pm to 3pm.

I love the expression 'Plowable Snow' because whenever you hear meteorologists say it, sure enough, it results in an amount of snow that I just can't handle with my trusty shovel and I always end up surrendering and wind up calling my plow guy.

Well, that has happened TWICE in the last 6 days.

And both of those storms were recorded, or supposedly recorded, by the NH Drought Monitor.

There is no change.

Not one half of one percent in any of the categories!

My theory is that perhaps the person in charge of updating the map, didn't hit 'SEND' or 'REFRESH'.

And since the majority of the public doesn't sit at the edge of their collective seats like I do, obsessing over the drought plagued Granite State. It has gone unnoticed.

Mark my words, if there is no change NEXT WEEK? I'm going to e-mail someone.

It'll be a polite e-mail, but I have to make myself heard! This dryness cannot go on forever! Especially when covered in 5 feet of snow!

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