It's like 'Shark Week' but with a much smaller bite. News Center Maine is focusing on deer tick mapping on this premiere episode and it is nothing to joke about.

Lyme disease concern is always the dominant theme with any tick study such as this and it is quite alarming to learn how high the rate of infection is among captured deer ticks in Vacationland.

According to this News Center Maine piece, the University Of Maine at Orono is finding Lyme disease in almost 50% of the tick samples that have been sent to the lab.

Because of the mild winter, the tick population has been much higher this year on average and sightings of ticks began happening as early as March.

However, things are not as bleak as they seem. Because of the unusually hot and dry conditions that happened in June, the spread of ticks has shown a noticeable decline.

If only I could devise a catch phrase to assure the public of their safety.

If there's a drought? They won't be out!

Hot all the time? Bye Bye Lyme!

Look I'm not an entomologist or and epidemiologist AT ALL, so, please listen to the actual professionals when assessing risk of Lyme disease as we enter peak outdoor activity season.

I just think that in this mostly cursed and doomed year of 2020, it's nice that something as negative as THE DROUGHT, has a positive impact on the spread of a terrible disease.

We have to celebrate even the smallest victory!

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