In an issue that has had New Hampshire residents hotly divided, Gov. Chris Sununu has signed the bill into law to legalize sports betting in the state, according to WMUR.

The sports betting industry is set to bring in an estimated $7.5 million dollars which will all be appropriated for education, the news station reported.

No longer will sports betting be limited to the black market; now New Hampshire will be getting a slice of the pie.

It will take time to get the mechanisms into place, with sports betting to be allowed at 10 locations and mobile betting systems will be put up, WMUR reported.

The law will include most professional sports teams and Division I college sports.

Although sports betting will benefit education in our state, there are opponents to the law that fear gambling addiction will skyrocket.

The law includes a provision to support, educate and treat those with a gambling addiction, so hopefully, it’s a winning bet to legalize sports betting here in our fine state, according to the.

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