Time is running out for you to 'CASH' in on Win 'CASH' With The Shark Bank. If only someone would clue you in as to what today's 8AM Code Word was*.

Train Images
Train Images

*It was 'CASH'.

There are only a handful of opportunities remaining for you to maximize your chance at up to $5000 with this game.

Ever since reading this morning's 'Code Word', I have been bit obsessed with the word 'CASH' and all the contemporary usages of that word in everyday pop culture.

For example.

Also as your home for New England Patriots Football, the legendary Hall Of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss has a wonderful colloquialism that I use (generally when I'm running hot at the tables in Las Vegas.)

Hugh from Eliot Small Engine in Eliot, Maine (our sponsor for this amazing contest) would also like to remind everyone that he still has stacks of cash* that he will happily distribute to any legit winner of the 'Win Cash With The Shark Bank' Contest.

(*Please do not search this location for hidden stacks of cash. While the money you can win IS real, Hugh is not hiding it under random Rototillers and Generators. This is only me, being silly.)

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