You can add another vacay goal to your 2024 list, as the CAT high-speed international ferry is nearing the start of its 2024 season between Maine and Nova Scotia.

This ferry operates between Bar Harbor and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, through mid-October. It's just a three-and-a-half-hour ride through international waters, according to Bay Ferries Limited. 

It's actually been more than a decade since the Bar Harbor to Yarmouth route existed, so this adds to the excitement of the CAT's return. It's only been back for a couple of years now.

For us New Englanders (and really all vacationers from around the world), the return to the Bar Harbor location adds additional excitement to our Maine vacations. The Acadia National Forest, shopping the quaint town of Bar Harbor, or relaxing on the beaches on Mount Desert Island are all right there, and we can now enjoy a getaway on the CAT to Nova Scotia for some exploring.

According to Bay Ferries Limited, the early bird specials make it a perfect time. So make some plans and enjoy the never-ending coastline of Nova Scotia, including the fishing villages of New Brunswick or the cliffs of Prince Edward Island.

It's also the perfect way to see Maine's picturesque waterways from a view you can only enjoy from the CAT ferry.

For full info and pricing, you can click here and enjoy!  Half the fun is the ferry ride, and with specials going on right now, you may as well go for it, with the first ferry of the season staring on Friday morning, May 17.

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