Each and every Thursday morning I'm on the edge of my seat in anticipation of The United States Drought Monitor Update. At 8AM it was confirmed, three quarters of New Hampshire is now experiencing MODERATE DROUGHT.


To be specific, 72.32 percent of the State is now at drought status.

This is not good folks. As you may or may not know, so many of my other obsessions are contingent upon a normal amount of rainfall. My agricultural alter ego 'Farmer Train' will have nothing to talk about and nothing to harvest if this brutal arid pattern continues.

How about 'Forest Ranger Train'? Just yesterday I did an extensive article listing my favorite wild berries and how they are growing so plentifully this year. They'll be nothing but dried out sprigs of dust if this weather keeps up.

If you are unfamiliar with my superstitious tradition of using Microsoft paint to draw crude stick figure sketches across the new barren wasteland of The Granite State, it is essential that you understand why I do this.

It is NOT mocking the seriousness of the current drought.

It's simply an attempt to bring rain utilizing over dramatic representation.

Even an out of stater would know that a 5 mile high Senora cactus is not growing in Sullivan County, no more than a T-Rex sized Longhorn cattle skull is looking longingly at Lake Winnipesaukee, somewhere in the middle of Carroll County.

It's just a way to express my concern and beg the clouds to deliver us from what could be a deep fried crispy Summer.

By the way, the squiggle straddling Hillsborough and Chesire Counties? It is supposed to be a tumbleweed, not my best work.

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