My eyes were not deceived when they feasted upon the northern lights blessing our state last night.

The aurora borealis only appeared in the night sky for about 25 minutes, but alas, it was there, and those lucky enough to look up from their phones were able to witness the pure magic.

This happened last night in Augusta, February 3, at approximately 7:45pm. Dave Dostie, a renowned local photographer, was able to capture the incredibly magical sight on his camera.

This does not happen often, but when it does, it's breathtaking! If you want to see when this is going to happen again, visit Maine! 

The folks at the Space Weather Prediction Center are always trying to give us a heads up on when the norther lights are going to spike.

Dave Dostie Photograhpy
Dave Dostie Photograhpy

What is the Aurora Borealis?

According to Visit Maine, the sun doesn't just give us heat and light, because inside, it's like a big nuclear explosion happening all the time. It's so powerful, like 10 billion hydrogen bombs going off every second! But at the same time, gravity is holding it all together.

So, the sun emits high-energy particles called solar wind. When this wind reaches Earth, it interacts with our magnetosphere. The particles collide with atoms in our atmosphere, making them release light energy. That's how we get the stunning northern lights!

And boy were they stunning last night!

Did you see them?

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