We are all sadly aware that October 25th was a day that forever altered the lives of Lewiston residents. As a Lewiston resident myself, I personally understand the profound impact it had on my own family. I can't begin to imagine the families of the victims and survivors.

The history making mass shooting was a tragic event and we all fervently wish it had never happened to begin with. In the aftermath, we are collectively trying to commence the healing process.

Our dedicated community, including leaders, schools, businesses, and many others, have united to support our city and state after this devastating loss.

One truly beloved company, Dunkin', has stepped up in a truly remarkable way. Dunkin' is a Maine comfort for many of us all year round and they are a staple here in Maine.

According to WGME, happening now and continuing to November 8th, Dunkin' is donating $1 from hot or iced coffee sale will help to go towards Lewiston Support Fund. This was created by Androscoggin Bank and the City of Lewiston. 

Dunkin' is offering there helping hands and have already begun doing so. According to the article, this initiative runs until Wednesday the 8th and is valid at all Dunkin' locations throughout Maine.

Please note that Dunkin' cold brew sales are excluded, and you can grab any coffee size in-store, at the drive-thru, or through the Dunkin' app.

Thank you Dunkin' for being the buddy old pal we all know and love!

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