There is a sense of whimsy and wonder when we have our very first snow fall of the winter season here in Maine. It's almost like we can all sense it and smell it before it even falls from the skies.

As Jon Snow from Game of Thrones would say, "Winter is Coming." 

Maine is known for it's cozy comfort of snow, and each year we all gather around the good old Farmer's Almanac and try to predict when the first snowfall will be.

The arrival of snow also coincides with the holiday season so it's exciting to get into the festive atmosphere. The first snow is a transformative experience but, when will it happen this year 2023/2024?

Alessio Soggetti via Unsplash
Alessio Soggetti via Unsplash

Seeing as though we are unable to predict the future with 100% certainty, we have to rely on weather data to make our best guess.

Meteorologists have worked hard to record the weather patterns for over a century, which allows us to draw our guesses.

According to the data shown on How Much Will it Snow, if we use last year as a guide, central and Southern Maine may experience its first plowable snowfall in mid-December and it's going to be a big winter season with lots of snow and cold temperatures.

According to Northern Outdoors, the month of December is going to be jammed back with snowstorms and freezing temps. If you are into snowmobiling or winter sports you are going to be very excited with the amount of snow we may be getting hit with this year.

So, it looks like we will be having a "Cold/Snowy" winter. Here's what I think: What else is new? We're used to this, right Mainers?

We will probably get lighter snowfalls in November but nothing massive or measurable.

In addition, the Farmers Almanac is indicating that we will have heavy snowfall this year so make sure to be ready, Mainers!

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