Many times in life, we come across old antique things that whisper stories to us all. Whether we're at a thrift store, exploring a yard sale, or stumbling upon treasures in an old abandoned home, we discover past lives.
This was the case for a Maine woman, Jessica Prevost, who visited a yard sale a few summers ago and found a bag of antique coloring books, or so she thought. There was certainly more to this purchase.
She recently decided to delve into this purchase that she probably set aside and find out what the coloring books were, and instead uncovered stories.
She posted on What's Up Waterville Facebook Page, saying,
This may be a long shot, however a few summers ago I picked up a bag of antique coloring books off the side of the road and I'm not sure where. I think some place in Cornville after the 10 mile yard sale. I thought they may be worth something and they have just been sitting around. Tonight i took them out and to my surprise there were old photos, someone's military paperwork and letters written home in the Early 60's. Im not sure if this person is still alive or not but i would at the very least like the family to have these things does anybody happen to know a John Rogers Hamlin who served in the US Navy? I'd really like to get these back to them. The address on all of the envelopes say John R Hamlin RFD#1 FAIRFIELD MAINE.
Her point holds true, because John may no longer be alive. However, what if he is? If not, what a meaningful gift this would be to connect with his family and share these items with them?
Can you help?
From what we know, John Rogers Hamlin is his name. He served in the US Navy and lived in Fairfield, Maine. I am ordering all of our online sleuths to get started and dig in!
Let's find this man or his family and get these precious letters, photos, and military paperwork back to where it belongs.

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