In the beauteous town of Berwick Maine, a remarkable woman named Mandy Sumner etched her name into history recently, according to WGME.

Mandy has a deep love for the coast and swimming, and her love affair with the ocean began at a very early age.

Mandy recently became the first woman to break the record for the longest swim under the icy waters of Maine! She is a professional sea diver and swam 75 meters under the ice, which is about 246 feet down into the depths of the cold water, as the article states. 

To do this is tough, and in order for Mandy to conquer this formidable feat, I am sure she worked so hard.

To train for this, she embarked on a journey that would take her halfway across the globe to the icy waters of Norway, according to the report.

Armed with nothing but her wetsuit, fins, and an unbreakable spirit, she set her sights on the frozen expanse above her, ready to dive into the unknown.

With the support of a dedicated team of other divers and safety experts, Mandy dove beneath the ice, and with each passing meter, pushed herself further and further until she reached her goal and broke the record.

Mandy shows us all that even when you think your power is depleted and spirit empty, you always have a reserve tank to help you to achieve your dreams.

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