Get ready with your super special eclipse glasses, because the solar eclipse is making its way to Maine very soon!

According to News Center Maine, on the afternoon of April 8, the sun's rays will be hidden by the moon's shadow, which will give viewers a rare spectacle of the eclipse!

As the report says, the trajectory will spread across western and northern Maine. This will present an unforgettable show that will stay in the memories of those who will witness it forever.

The eclipse will start its journey over Texas and move through Ohio Valley before bending over western New York and into northern New England, with its final stop in Maine around 3:30 p.m, according to News Center Maine. 

Rangeley, Maine, will be one of the first to see the eclipse. Later, folks in Jackman and Dover-Foxcroft will experience the eclipse at different times.

All that's needed for this magical event is a clear sky, and nature will put on a show from above. But safety is important when looking at the eclipse, because as we all know, staring at the sun can cause serious damage to your eyes. Make sure you have your safety glasses.

As the eclipse is in its fullest form, the corona will emerge, which will cast a magnificent glow over northern and western Maine.

As the article states, Houlton will see the entire show, and locations like Kittery, Lewiston-Auburn, Bangor, and Eastport will watch a big portion of the eclipse.

However, the full shadow will engulf western and northern Maine, bringing about a moment of complete darkness to our eyes.

This is going to be a show to remember!

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