Lionel Duquette of Winslow is a World War II veteran who recently celebrated his 102nd birthday, according to Central Maine. More than 100 family and friends at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8835 in Winslow were able to surround this amazing man on his special day. We're all honoring him today, and they even used a U.S. Marine Corps sword to cut his cake!

Lionel is one of Maine's oldest veterans at the post, according to post Quartermaster Christopher Soucy, and is known as a centenarian. It's been 78 years since he served for our country.

He stays sharp by doing Sudoku puzzles daily, and enjoys gardening and playing checkers and chess, as the report states.

He was born in 1922 and served in the Army during World War II before working for 35 years at Scott Paper Company.

Even though he is over 100 years old, he is active, and has a simple secret to longevity: oat bran for breakfast every day.

His family and friends look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with him in the years to come.

Happy Birthday Lionel, and thank you for serving.

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