I was thinking recently about all of the things that are special to me here in Maine. I have lived here since I was five of six years old, and this place has most definitely grown on me.

There are so many things we hold dear about the states we're from.

I reflect on special spots that I hold dear and would miss if I had to leave. Places that have imprinted on my memory and gave me a feeling of home.

One of these spots is the famous Sam's Italians and Whoopie Pies. When I was little, my mom would take us to the one on Sabattus Street in Lewiston and we would enjoy pizza and the most delicious tuna Italians.

Sam's instantly makes your mouth water.

Here's a walk down memory lane of an advertisement they created nine years ago for their sandwich shop.

Below, I've put together a gallery featuring numerous things I'd miss if I had to bid farewell to Maine, along with suggestions from other Mainers.

From hilarious to touching, these will make you feel lucky to be a Mainer.

10 Things I'd Miss Most if I Moved Away from Maine

What would you find hardest to leave behind if you moved away from Maine?

Gallery Credit: Lizzy Snyder

40 Maine Restaurants to Warm You Up This Winter

Thanks to our great listeners, we compiled a list of many of Maine's great restaurants that warm folks up in the winter.

These popular spots can be found across the state and are waiting for you to try them out.

How many have you been to? How many would you like to try for the first time?

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