Who knew that in our own backyard lies a history of brutal hauntings and terror beyond our wildest imaginations?

We've all been told stories about ghosts, myths, or urban legends. However scary said stories may be, we tell ourselves that it's ok, because they're untrue. But are they? Myths & legends have a sense of truth within them, because where do all stories come from anyway?

Stories come from books, which were written by people, and people have experiences with places and things. To me, myths, legends, and folklore are true stories that became intertwined through many lips for generations like a huge game of telephone, and while the stories may not be completely accurate, the root of the tale is real.

It's a rush to hear these unbelievable stories of what "they say" has occurred around the world, but what's even better than worldly myths is local folklore.

There is nothing more unsettling than finding out that the lake you swim in each summer is haunted by the spirit of a woman who drowned there and can be seen with wet hair and singing "Kumbaya". I mean, wow.

I decided to dive into the freakiest myths and legends in Maine, and produce a list of the top stories I've uncovered. This is something I have wanted to look into for a long time.

Some of these locations do not have addresses, and you may have to put your feet to the pavement the old-fashioned way, visit the towns, and ask the locals where you might find the location of the story. It's like you're Carmen San Diego or something. I think I need to buy a fedora and plaid trench coat.

It would be an adventure to trek out and uncover each location I am going to tell you about and try to "feel" the presence of whoever died, haunts, or killed at that spot. Girls night! I'll bring the cosmos.

The list is below, compiled into a gallery. They are in no particular order, because to me, they are all equally hair-raisingly freaky as hell, and hit a deep nerve of fear inside.

Here's the kicker. It is up to you to determine if these are "just" myths or if they are, in fact, true.

Shall we begin?

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