It's a sad state of affairs when people turn to attack our nation's most vulnerable citizens. And, according to one New England news station, that's exactly what is happening in the Granite State.

According to an article posted by WMUR, police are investigating what they believe to be a targeting of homeless people by a currently unidentified drone pilot.

The news station goes on to explain that residents who are currently unhoused have been the target of a drone that is aiming to hit them with eggs, popsicles, and yes, even feces in the city of Manchester, New Hampshire.

WMUR stated that at this time, there have been no reports of people having actually been hit with those items yet, though it has become clear to investigating officials that this is what the drone operator is attempting to do by flying these items near the people.

At this time, Manchester Police Department is investigating the issue and hopes to name a suspect as soon as possible, the new station reported.

In the meantime, anyone who may have information on the situation or anyone who can provide information on the identity of the drone pilot is asked to contact investigating officers at the Manchester, New Hampshire, Police Department.

People looking to provide information to police can contact the department at (603) 668-8711.

It's so sad to know someone out there is targeting people and trying to bring harm to them. Hopefully, the police can solve this problem and quickly.

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