Geoffrey Holt was a man who took care of a mobile home park in Hinsdale, New Hampshire. Geoffrey was unassuming and led a pretty humble yet intriguing life, according to News Center Maine. 

If you were out and about in town, you may have spotted him in worn clothes hanging out or riding his lawn mower, or even sitting along the main road reading a newspaper and people watching.

Geoffrey would perform odd jobs for others, and didn't ever really leave the town he lived in. His life was simple, and so was his home. His sparsely-furnished mobile home didn't even have a TV or computer. You could say he was a man who didn't need "things."

Many would notice Geoffroy and give him a friendly wave or "how do you do."

Regrettably, this local resident passed away earlier this year, revealing a surprising twist upon his death...

Geoffrey had a secret: he was a multimillionaire.

According to the article, he generously passed on $3.8 million to his beloved New Hampshire town of over 4,000 people in his will. He directed the monies to go to benefit education, health, recreation, and culture in the community that he called home.

Steve Diorio, the chairperson of the town select board, said,

“I don’t think anyone had any idea that he was that successful, I know he didn’t have a whole lot of family, but nonetheless, to leave it to the town where he lived in ... It's a tremendous gift." -News Center Maine

According to News Center Maine, Geoffrey's best friend Smith, who served as the executor of Holt's estate, found out about his multi-millionaire status throughout the past years.

But not many others knew about this secret he had.

Geoffrey confided in his friend Smith, who has since passed away, about his unexpected financial success. He was unsure about what to do with the money, and Smith suggested using it to help out the town he loved. Geoffrey agreed, so there it is.

Furthermore, Geoffrey's 81-year-old sister Alison spoke about her brother's learning disability (dyslexia) and determination to never waste money.

This story is a prime example of not judging a book by its cover. This is a tale of a simple man who gave everything to his community, before and after he died.

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