Here's a little something to anticipate this summer. As we watch the snow falling outside our windows, let's indulge in fantasies about the warmth ahead. Perhaps you're the type who enjoys dreaming about basking in your birthday suit?

So, let us go back to our birthday suits for a moment, shall we? This is something new to me, because I always thought Maine was pretty conservative as far as being full frontal. But apparently not.

Whomever wants to imitate Adam or Eve will be happy to hear that there are three spots in Maine to do that.

If you're into exposing the gifts that baby Jesus has given to you, pack your backs, or don't, just grab your shoes and fanny pack and check out these three clothing-optional locations below!

If you don't know what a nudist resort is.

A naturist resort or nudist resort is an establishment that provides accommodation and other amenities for guests in a context where they are invited to practise naturism – that is, a lifestyle of non-sexual social nudity. A smaller, more rustic, or more basic naturist resort may be called a naturist camp.


Not all of these resorts are for men and women, however.

One of these spots in Albion is described as,

A private social club in Maine for adult male naturists and men who are comfortable with naturists.

Twin Ponds Lodge

I do like the idea of expressing your bare-skinned body with confidence and love for all. But this isn't something I am into.

But, if you are interested in stripping down to the buff, visit these three nudist/naturalists spots below! You can leave your clothes at home, let it all hang out, at these nudist-type resorts in Maine.

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