Let's beach it baby!

Summer is calling and I am sure you are going to "beach it" as much as possible. But, if you want to visit a beach in Maine that was rated within the top 10 best in America, you'll be headed to Ogunquit, Maine. This is all according to NECN based on an article Tripadvisor 2023 Travelers' Choice Awards

So grab your sun screen, swimmies, and get ready to get sand in crevasses that haven't seen the light of day all winter long.

As Necn says, this is not the first time that Ogunquit has been ranked as a hot spot.

Located on the southern coast of Maine, it has been said that Ogunquit is the most stunning beach in Maine. I agree with this.

I visited Ogunquit last summer and it almost felt like I was in another world, to be honest. The white sandy beaches were breathtaking.

This beach is 3 miles long, the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce is proud of their beaches. The sand dunes were so cool and we saw the coolest birds and found out later on that they are piping plovers.

NECN also points out how clean this beach is. Many times you will have a beach day and you can't help but notice how polluted and dirty it is and that is not the case for this top rated beach.

Ogunquit is clean, beautiful, and everyone is taking notice. So when summer comes

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