If you're not completely invested in the semi-newish, Emmy-winning TV series on Apple TV called The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston, then you're bound to be soon.

It's basically a behind-the-scenes look into a broadcaster's life at the office, and what it really feels like to be in the industry once the cameras are turned off. It's intense, totally spontaneous, and has ranked twice in the top 10 shows streaming on Apple TV, according to appleworldtoday.

And did you know Maine is featured on the show?

I'm fully invested in this series; I can't stop watching it. Don't worry, I'll do the spoiler alert thing to you right now just in case you haven't started it yet. However, I can tell you about the cool surprise I found while binge-watching it this weekend (no shame) without ruining any part of the show for you.

Season 2 of The Morning Show begins in a snowy town in Maine.

I've extensively searched which town they filmed it in, and can't seem to find any answer. Yet one of the characters says out loud in the scene, "Alex, you're in Maine right now, what are you doing"?

This may be them passively "dissing" the state, but I'm proof that you can live in Maine and also have a wild media job. It's all possible to live in the forks peacefully and also be able to host a show.

I then started to ruin the upcoming episodes for myself the more I tried to find the answer to what town in Maine the last scene was shot in, so I had to stop googling. Sorry guys. However, if you do know the answer, please put it in the comments and DM me.

Here's the trailer for Season 2:

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