Ever wish you could visit places in the Harry Potter world?

How amazing would it be to roll up on the gorgeous castle that is Hogwarts or dine in the great hall of the wizarding school to eat as much delicious food as you could?

Sure, you could travel to England and find some real-life spots that served as filming locations in the movie. Collider has a great list for that, which includes Alnwick Castle and the Great Hall in Christ Church College at Oxford University, if you were wondering.

But, if you aren't planning on traveling abroad anytime soon, one place in New England could serve as a great and magical substitute: Boston College.

Take a look at a shot of the campus from up above that gives off those Hogwarts vibes. Now imagine a few swooping owls in the sky. It works, right?

Boston College via Facebook
Boston College via Facebook

And if you head into Bapst Library at the school, you'll immediately get those Great Hall vibes from Gargan Hall. Pop in some floating candles above, too.

According to Boston College, the Bapst building was "one of the campus' original buildings," finished in 1928, and named after the college's first president. And you can see that classic old-school magic in the design and feel of it.

Two great TikTok videos give you an inside look while calling out the Harry Potter vibes as well: one from syncremote and one from sashaesloane.

Both TikTok videos list Burns Library, which is "located at the north end of the Bapst Library building," according to Boston College Libraries. So the building is Bapst and Burns is a smaller library inside that. That may get confusing unless you know the place and/or go to Boston College.

Either way, the Massachusetts location is the perfect setting for a Hogwarts library, and if you're not a student at the school, you can still visit and see it up close and in person... sorting hat not included.

Even Boston College knows it looks like Hogwarts, as they used it wonderfully in their admissions video in 2022.

So if you're craving something Harry Potter, you might want to grab a broomstick or possessed flying car for New England road trip that will fuel your wizarding desires.

Maybe you'll even find a secret chamber of secrets?

Boston College is only about two hours from Portland, Maine, and a little over an hour from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A perfect day trip for any Potterhead, right?

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