At first, it was just a few harmless posts encouraging members to try and find the hidden image in a picture posted into the group without spoiling it for others. One of those harmless, light-hearted, fun brainteasers that briefly take you out of reality before you move on with your social media scrolling.

Then, those few harmless posts started becoming more frequent -- so frequent to the point that it seemed like it was the only content being posted in this group that is actually supposed to focus on what's going on in a specific Maine city and the areas surrounding it.

And now, the Whats going on in Brunswick, Maine group on Facebook has basically just become one big scam advertisement, and members of the group (and Brunswick community and those that surround it) are fed up.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to the description of the Whats going on in Brunswick, Maine group on Facebook:

This sight is designed to inform people in the Brunswick, Bath, Harpswell and Topsham area of upcoming nightlife events!

However, it's been anything but that. In fact, the only legitimate post that seems to exist amongst the volcano of scam and spam is a request from a local Brunswick resident new to the area asking for help with walking her dog a few times a week.

Speaking of dogs, that's actually been one of the biggest offenders of these scam posts -- photos of distressed and abused animals that "have been found and are looking for owners/safe homes to recover and heal at."

Evan Clark
Evan Clark

The others? For those residents in a tough financial situation, posts that provide false hope that advertise grants that don't exist, and signing bonuses for jobs that have been confirmed to be fake.

Additionally, all that is not to be outshined by residents who either need a new place to live or a place in general, who are fooled and led down a fake path for affordable housing and surprisingly cheaply-priced apartments up for grabs in made-up neighborhoods.

Let this be a reminder to not share personal information on social media (especially banking information) as well as a reminder to double and triple check anything you come any offerings anywhere on social media for validity.

Because if anything else, this has proven once again that if it seems too good to be true, there's a solid chance that it is.

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