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Ever since The Ricochet in Derry, New Hampshire, opened up in February 2023, they've taken the area by storm. Nevermind customers that have become regulars that live in Derry, but people from outside of Derry and all around the Merrimack Valley have made the trip to see what the hype is all about.

And, spoiler, this writer has first-hand knowledge that the hype is well-deserved and well-earned, in both food quality and staff/service quality.

Which is why it's not exactly a shock a certain New England native known for rating pizza across the country finally decided to stop and rate the hype for himself.

Google Maps / Townsquare Media / One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube
Google Maps / Townsquare Media / One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube

Dave Portnoy Pizza Reviews

"One bite, everyone knows the rules." It's one of the most frequently said phrases by millennials, Gen Z'ers, and zillennials, all thanks to Barstool Sports.

The founder of Barstool, Swampscott, Massachusetts, native Dave Portnoy, frequently turns to Barstool fans from across the country for recommendations on pizza joints he needs to visit to rate.

And after a few visits to New England over the last half-year or so, he was recently spotted back in his home region to rate only the best of the best as recommended by locals.

The Ricochet via Instagram
The Ricochet via Instagram

Dave Portnoy The Ricochet

Posted to The Ricochet's official Instagram page is a highlight titled "one bite" which shows a quick video shot from inside showing Portnoy and his camera man filming a segment for his One Bite Pizza Reviews, before he opens the box to take some bites out of a slice and give his official rating.

That wasn't the only stop in Derry that Dave made, as he was also spotted at Mickey's N.Y. Pizza, and according to a post on the Merrimack Valley Eats page on Facebook that show screenshots of Portnoy's story on his Instagram account, Dave also hit Tripoli, Garlic Breath, and Tree House Brewing.

No word on when his Northern New England/Merrimack Valley reviews will drop, but without a doubt when they're released, they'll all be found on his One Bite Pizza Reviews page on YouTube.

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