Let's get ready to rumble!

In one corner, a bobcat slinking along in the woods, and in the other, a pregnant doe with an attitude.

Who do you got winning this face-off?

A video was recently posted to Facebook showcasing a bobcat running away from a pregnant doe in Maine, and this future mamma definitely means business.

Wildly enough, it looks like round 1 goes to the female deer.

Would you ever guess in a bobcat and deer face-off that it'd be the bobcat running the other way?

Christa Smith posted the trail cam video that captured the incredible footage to the Facebook page MAINE Wildlife. She noted that this particular encounter occurred in Danville Junction.

Make sure to turn up the volume on the video as you can hear the deer making noise before it appears around 16 seconds in and follows the bobcat.

According to Whitetails Unlimited, deer can make a blowing or a sneezing sound when there's danger. It's not seasonal allergies if you were wondering.

And this doe is loud and clear with her sounds.

When she does appear on camera, she gives the bobcat a stare down and even continues to follow it a bit as the bobcat keeps moving in the other direction but with a few glances back.

The Facebook post mentions the bobcat "apparently got too close." Talk about a mom taking charge and getting things done!

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife notes that deer is just one of the animals bobcats like to eat, but lunch will be elsewhere today.

Nice work, mamma deer. Keep it up.

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