Seems like people keep getting stuck and then have to be rescued.

If you don't know what's in the water because you have no concept of how deep it is, avoid it. This storm made rivers out of streets and lakes out of parking lots!

Town of Medford Facebook
Town of Medford Facebook

The problem with you driving through standing water is that you often won't make it. That means that someone now has to come get you and your vehicle. During a torrential storm, that is dangerous and a waste of resources. Mexico's Fire Department had a very busy morning, unfortunately.

Mexico, Maine was not alone, as fire departments throughout Maine had to take to Facebook and plead with people. Dixfield Fire Department had it, and their post was reposted by Rumford's Fire Department to add strength to the message.

This storm surprised everyone with its intensity and ferociousness! Governor Janet Mills issued a State of Civil Emergency for 14 counties, all except Cumberland and York. The declaration means Maine resources will be able to help and support recovery efforts. It also lets Maine ask for federal disaster relief.

In the meantime, don't ignore signs but go around instead, even if you only have a few feet to go. This storm is a huge inconvenience for most, but for some, it's dangerous. Rescuing you and your car in flood waters puts responders in danger, and takes them away from other pressing matters.

This is tough one a week before Christmas. Everyone stay safe, and just take it easy.

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