Oh, this will be fun. Think of what you're the most afraid of right now, and let's see if it aligns with Maine's apparent biggest fear, as told by yourlocalsecurity.com.

I would have thought the state of Maine would be more afraid of a black bear attack in the middle of a hike, or a coyote finding its way into your backyard, but that's not the case here. According to the data compiled back in 2020 from yourlocalsecurity.com, the people of Maine are the most afraid of flying. Yes, flying.

Here's how the data was calculated. They analyzed the top searched terms relating to fear, and then broke down those results state by state. Maine, how the heck are you going to be so scared of being in the air? How else are you gonna go on vacation!?

Here's a quote from their website on a possible theory as to why flying was searched so much in 2020:

"Last year, three states cited aviophobia (the fear of flying) as their most-searched phobia. In 2020, seven states searched for aviophobia the most. Between rising COVID-19 cases and various travel bans, the travel industry—and airlines especially—have taken a massive hit. Nearly every major airline is in survival mode after losing billions of dollars, collectively."

Are being afraid of heights and being afraid to travel in an airplane the same type of fear? Asking for a friend, because I truly am not afraid of either of those things, and I'm super curious.

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