This is truly the season where the mountainous areas in New Hampshire begin to thrive. Most areas are either just entering or about to wrap up peak foliage, the weather is still decent enough for hiking, and, of course, ski and snowboard season is right around the corner.

However, according to a statement made by officers in the North Country of New Hampshire to WMUR, not only is human activity entering its peak season in the area right now, but so is moose activity.

And that was the case on Route 302 in Carroll, New Hampshire, recently where what was truly a picturesque view of New Hampshire wildlife almost became an absolute disaster zone.

Photo by Shivam Kumar on Unsplash / Sylwia Adamowska
Photo by Shivam Kumar on Unsplash / Sylwia Adamowska

Moose and Calf on Route 302 in New Hampshire

Even though moose activity is high around this time of year, according to the Carroll Police Department in its statement to WMUR, it's not guaranteed that drivers along North Country roads will spot one while driving.

Author's Note: In fact, in the last 20 years that I've routinely been driving up north to and through the Twin Mountains/White Mountains/Mount Washington area to visit family, I've only seen two moose along my travels - once when passengers literally stopped in the middle of the road on Route 302 to take pictures of one roaming around the edge of the woods, and another time where a moose randomly darted out in front of a tractor-trailer on Route 2.

But it's definitely a rare sighting to see both a moose and calf seemingly having a meet-up in the middle of the road while the sunrises, but in video provided by WMUR, that is exactly what one driver encountered (and almost crashed into) recently on Route 302 in Carroll.

Carroll officers again remind passengers that not only is there a heavy concentration of moose in the area currently, but to use extra caution driving in the late night and early morning hours, as they tend to leave wooded areas and appear on roadways more often in the dark.

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