A group of people have gotten together for five years to have a nice breakfast and leave an enormous tip.

This completely anonymous group gets bigger every year, with people wanting to be a part of something that feels so good! The group, which simply calls themselves Giving Back Breakfast, does this every holiday season.

It started as a group of friends, but word spread, and others wanted to join. They have since split into multiple groups of friends and strangers getting together to have a nice breakfast and change someone's life. The only rule is that breakfast costs $100. That will cover your breakfast, and the rest is a tip. The organizer found out that this waitress was a hard-working single mom. What young single mom couldn't use a little help?

This young waitress at Strafford Farm in Dover, New Hampshire, was so surprised, and we all had the best morning. I was invited last year, so this was my second Giving Back Breakfast. It was great. You never know how people will react to such a grand gesture. Some will cry, some will be silent, but our waitress was beaming and you could tell that it meant a lot to her.

I think this time of year we are all looking for that connection beyond buying gifts. If you can organize some friends and spare $100 for a nice breakfast, nothing is stopping you from making this a tradition for yourself. Some people who couldn't be there for the breakfast just donated money! That's how the tip was so large, and the group was eight. Also, a group of 16 people at breakfast is no fun for ANY waitress!

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