Almost made ya not mind the snowstorm...almost.

News Center Maine has been putting on sweaters and reporting the latest on storms for decades. To get us excited about the weather, they've done Storm Center promos. Back in 2003, when The Matrix was our obsession at the theater, it was the obsession at News Center Maine. May I introduce to you Lee Nelson, Sharon Rose, and manning the weather station, Kevin Mannix.

I remember this when it came out! I was obsessed with watching it over and over! Of course, 20 years ago, that meant watching it over and over on TV. YouTube wasn't even a thing for two more years. But now that YouTube IS a thing, you can not only catch this brilliant Matrix promo, but they did another version of it too!

So much leather! Sharon! You are crazy hot in this. Not that you aren't hot now, but I don't see a lot of leather on News Center Maine in the mornings (is that leather or pleather?). And we all know that Lee Nelson decided to ditch the leather and go... all-natural for his retired life.

Stewart Smith Photography
Stewart Smith Photography

Kevin Mannix! So loved getting the weather from Kevin. It's hard to top those great promos for Storm Center. But wait, the next big movie was Hunger Games. Did News Center have something up their sleeves 10 years later in 2013? They sure did!

I have a feeling that like us, when you get to do something a little different and fun, it turns out great. Thanks for making us not mind the storms as much.

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