Aesthetics are everything when it comes to choosing things like your house, a restaurant, and what hotel you want to stay at. Amongst all the beautiful hotels that Maine has to offer, only one was deemed the prettiest of them all.

The Claremont Hotel, aka "The Most Beautiful Hotel in the World" as seen on their website, takes the top spot when it comes to beautiful accommodations in Maine.

What makes the Claremont Hotel so beautiful?

Pick your poison. They offer a little something for every style of stay. If oceanfront is your type of getaway, then they've got you. Or if you're anything like me, and you're a sucker for a cabin type of vacation, they've got that too!

If you've already got an upcoming trip planned out here in South West Harbor, make sure you look for their really beautiful antique car parked out front. It looks like this:

The Claremont was even named the chicest hotel in Maine by verndamag. So cool.

And in case you need anymore convincing, here are your drone views:

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