Is TABLE in Boston Closed?

First things first, even though it will come up listed as "Permanently Closed" on Google when you search for TABLE Restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, that is, in fact, untrue, according to the Boston Herald.


It is, however, listed that way by design after the viral drama that took over New England social media this past weekend, involving a reservation cancelation, a DM on Instagram, and social media posts that led to death threats being sent to both the owner of the restaurant and the customer.

TABLE Restaurant DM

According to a Twitter post by a man named Trevor Chauvin, this all started back in January when he had to cancel a planned trip to Boston due to an unexpected hospitalization. In doing so, he also canceled a reservation he made at TABLE, which has a 48-hour cancelation policy, according to an email sent from TABLE to Trevor that TABLE posted on its now-deleted X account.

Google Maps / @trevorshowvan via Twitter
Google Maps / @trevorshowvan via Twitter

This was also accompanied by a Direct Message on Instagram that the owner of TABLE, Jen Royle, sent to Trevor from the now-private Instagram account for the restaurant after what he states was her searching for him on social media following the cancelation.

I just wanted to personally thank you for screwing over my restaurant and my staff when you disputed your cancellation fee.

In her message, Jen is referring to Trevor using the travel insurance option on his credit card to dispute the cancelation fee charged to his card by TABLE for the last-minute cancelation (as well as using it on hotel, train, and other restaurant reservations as well) due to the hospitalization.

I really hope in the future you have more respect for restaurants, especially small businesses such as mine. Pathetic.

TABLE Death Threats

According to the Boston Herald, following all of the messages and emails exchanged between Trevor and Jen going public on social media by both parties, Jen began receiving death threats in her Direct Messages, leading to her deleting the TABLE X account, making the TABLE Instagram account private, and having the restaurant listed as "permanently closed" on Google.


The official website for the restaurant, however, is still active including an active link to make reservations.

Trevor also mentioned in the comments section of his post on X that he has also received death threats after his posts have gone viral detailing the story.

According to one of Trevor's posts highlighting a Direct Message sent by Jen, the restaurant's legal team has been contacted and this is now a working legal matter, the outcome of which is still to come.

Trevor's highlighting of the emails and messages he's received are in his original post on X as well as the comments section of that post.

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